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So you think you know your Valentine's Day trivia, eh?!?

By Natasha

Instructions: Simply fill in the boxes with the correct word/phrase using the hints given below. This crossword tests your knowledge of Valentine's Day and has three parts: a) general knowledge (9 marks), b) biblical sweethearts (11 marks), and c) history and Roman/Greek mythology (6 marks).

Grading: Spelling counts. Any misspelled words will be deducted 1/2 mark each from the total.

1 full mark per correct answer. Blank answers receive a mark of 0.

Note: No cheating is allowed! Any use of iPhones, Blackberries, computers, or any other tablet for the sole purpose of cheating is strictly prohibited.

There is no time limit. Have fun and good luck!

1 2
3 4                
  5   6      
  9         10       11    
14                 15 16
    18           19    
22                     23        

4.According to legend, St. Valentine was executed for secretly _______ young couples in defiance of the Roman emperor's orders.
6.Greek name for Cupid.
7.Two people in love.
8.Adam and _________
9.These birds that mate for life are a symbol of love.
10.Isaac and ________
13.This religious group banned Valentine observations in Great Britain during the 17th century.
14.David and __________
17.In Roman mythology, the mother of Cupid.
18.Venus' facourite flower.
20.Valentine's colour that symbolizes purity.
22.Elisabeth and ________
23."________ Valentine's Day!"
24.Over one ________ dollars woth chocolate is purchased for Valentine's Day in the U.S.
25.The legendary St. Valentine is believed to have lived in the _______ century after Christ.
26.Moses and _________
1.This era is considered the golden age of the Valentine.
2.Mary and ________
3.Symbol of undying love. Its twisting loops have no beginning and no end.
5.A stuffed animal often given as a Valentine's gift.
11.In "XOXOXO," an X represents this action.
12.Aquila and ________
14.Ruth and ________
15.Shakespeare's setting of Romeo and Juliet.
16.Samson and _________
19.Ananias and ________
21.Abraham and ________

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