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Chapter 9 Weathering and Erosion

Mrs. Morris

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1.a channel aling which water is gradually flowing down a slope.
3.the force that moves rock and other materials downhill
6.a meander that has been cut off by a river. (2 Words)
7.a rapid downhill movement of a mixture of rock, water, and soil.
11.the most destructive type of mass movement
12.a large groove or or channel in the soil that carries runoff after a rainstorm.
13.The flat, wide area of land along a river. (2 Words)
14.tiny grooves in the soil
15.material moved by erosion
17.the process by which natural forces move weathered rock and soil from one place to another.
2.landslides, mudflows, slum and creep (2 Words)
4.water that moves over Earth's surface.
5.a stream or river that flows into a larger river
7.a loop like bend in the course of a river.
8.may occur where a river meets an area of rock that is very had and erodes slowly.
9.occurs when the agents of erosion, deposit or lay down, sediment
10.a mass of rock and soil suddenly slip down a slope.
16.the very slow downhill movement of rock and soil.

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