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  3 4 5
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1.--- angles are formed opposite each other when two lines intersect and are always congruent.
8.lines that have the same length (three words)
9.polygon with eight sides and angles
10.can be rotated about a point (two words)
13.triangle that has one right angle (two words)
14.moves a figure without changing its size or shape
15.the line the figure is flipped over (three words)
16.parallelogram with four right angles and opposites sides are parallel and congruent
17.A --- angle measures exactly 90.
18.have the same shape and size (two words)
19.straight path that has no thickness and extends forever
20.line segment that connects two non-adjacent vertices
24.flat surface that has no thickness and extends forever
25.triangle that only has acute angles (two words)
27.An --- angle measures greater than 0 and less than 90.
29.Line --- is part of a line made of two endpoints and allthe points between
33.--- lines are lines that lie in different planes.
35.four sided figure with opposite sides that are parallel and congruent and opposite angles are congruent
36.--- angles have the same measurement.
41.formed by two rays with a common endpoint
42.plane figure with four sides and four angles whose angles have a sum of 360.
43.polygon with nine sides and angles
44.exact location that has no size
46.polygon with six sides and angles
47.can be folded or reflected so that the two parts are congruent (two words)
48.polygon with ten sides and angles
2.triangle with three congruent sides (two words)
3.polygon in which all sides are congruent and all angles are congruent (two words)
4.triangle with two congruent sides (two words)
5.parallelogram with four congruent sides and opposite angles are congruent
6.--- lines are lines in the same plane that never intersect.
7.triangle that has one obtuse angle (two words)
11.An --- angle measures greater than 90 and less than 180.
12.triangle with no congruent sides (two words)
18.--- angles are two angles whose measures have a sum of 90.
21.--- lines intersect to form 90 degree angles.
22.polygon with seven sides and angles
23.common endpoint of an angle
26.--- angles are side by side and have a common vertex and ray.
28.--- angles are two angles whose measures have a sum of 180.
30.when a figure flips over a line creating a mirror image
31.movement of a figure along a straight line
32.quadrilateral with exactly two parallel sides
33.A --- angle measures exactly 180.
34.polygon with five sides and angles
37.movement of a figure around a point
38.closed plane figure formed by three or more line segments
39.rectangle with four congruent sides and all angles are right angles
40.polygon with three sides and angles whose angles have a sum of 180
45.part of a line that starts at an endpoint and extends forever in one direction

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