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Aunt Sidney's 96th Birthday Celebration

Born February 27, 1917

Basic facts and information related to Aunt Sidney Glasgow.

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1.One of Aunt Sidney's brother's names
5.Aunt Sidney was born at home in this Texas town
8.City Aunt Sidney where Aunt Sidney Lives
9.Name of grade school Aunt Sidney attended (2 Words)
10.A great love
13.Her Father's name
14.A personal characteristic trait
15.Level in her immediate family
21.Age when Aunt Sidney was baptized
22.Number of sisters and brothers
23.Name of high school Aunt Sidney attended (3 Words)
25.Her favorite subject in school
2.One of her favorite snacks (2 Words)
3.Name of church where Aunt Sidney is a long standing member (3 Words)
4.The state where she grew up
6.Her Mother's name
7.Her strong and loyal faith
11.Name of nephew living with and caring for Aunt Sidney
12.The number of states in union when Aunt Sidney was born (2 Words)
16.Aunt Sidney's husband's name
17.Her favorite cake
18.Another personal character trait
19.U.S. President when Aunt Sidney was born
20.Her favorite book to read

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