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The Brain

E Rusch

Terminology of the brain

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6.A learning theory based on the structure and functions of the brain (3 Words)
10.The lowest section of the brainstem which controls automatic functions e.g. heart beat and breathing (2 Words)
13.The part of the brain that monitors the information sent to the brain
15.Responsible for breathing, digestion, blood circulation and voluntary and involuntary muscle (2 Words)
17.The main function of these lobes are the perception of sound. The left side is responsible for language and the right side is concerned with non-verbal sound
18.The two hemispheres together are called the .....
19.A person uses this side of the brain for mathematics, science, writing etc.
20.Receives infromation from the senses, except from smell, and sends the information to the correct part of the cortex
1.The outer layer of the cerebrum
2.The name of the domes (2 Words)
3.The thick bundle of nerves that joins the left and the right hemispheres (2 Words)
4.A person uses this side of the brain for music, art, imagination etc.
5.The part of the brain that regulates balance, posture, movement and muscle coordination
7.The part of the brain that controls the basic biological needs like heart rate
8.Carry messages between the brain and the rest of the body (2 Words)
9.The lobes where bodily sensations such as touch, temperature, pressure and pain are processed
11.The activity of knowing and the process through which knowledge is gained
12.This lobe regulates mental activities and behaviours. It is concerned with attention and concentration and regulates emotoions and behaviour. What we call intelligent behaviour relates to the ability to effectively use functions regulated by this lobe
14.The lobes that are primary visual area of the cortex
16.Nerve cells

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