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Biology Periodic Assessment #2

Mr. Serbeniuk

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1.isolation caused by differences in courtship or mating behaviors p. 345
3.Which process can produce new combinations of alleles in a population of rabbits, but can’t produce new alleles?
6.This is when the nucleus of a sperm cell joins the nucleus of an egg cell ________________ P. 91/170
12.When members of different species can no longer mate with each other p. 344
14.movement of alleles from one population to another p. 335
15.Which pair of sex chromosomes makes a person male? P. 91/169
16.Natural Selection acts on the . P. 171/309
17.changes in allele frequencies that are due to chance p. 336
18.If a diploid cell with 46 chromosomes goes through meiosis, how many chromosomes will the resulting haploid cell have? ______________________ p. 91/170.
20.Extinctions that destroy many species at the same time are called p. 350
1.Extinctions that occur continuously but at a low rate are called p. 350
2.Where does meiosis take place? (ovaries, testes, both ovaries and testes, neither)p. 93/ 168
4.The evolution of the red fox and the kit fox is an example of p. 348
5.when timing prevents reproduction between populations p. 346
7.The total elimination of a species from the earth is called p. 350
8.Which process can produce new alleles in a population of rabbits?
9.genetic drift that occurs after an event greatly reduces the size of a population p. 336
10.genetic drift that occurs after a small number of individuals colonize a new area p. 336
11.Evolution towards similar characteristics in unrelated species is called p. 348
13.Sperm cells and egg cells are formed through the process of _________________ p. 95/170
19.Which pair of sex chromosomes makes a person female? P. 91/169

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