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First Aid/CPR #1


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6.Looking for clues before helping an injured person
7.Severe allergic reaction that could lead to the person being unconscious
12.When to call 9-1-1
14.Opening in the front of the neck to help someone breathe
15.How bacteria and virsuses can be spread from person to person
17.Cadriac Arrest is when this system malfuncations
19.Emergency Service consisting of a network of community resources
21.Giving permission to care for an injured person
22.Respiratory condition when breathing becomes difficult
26.Head tilt chin lift to move this body part away from the back of the throat
27.Cardiac condition when the heart stops
29.Where to first check an injured conscious child
1.Left chamber of the heart that pumps from up the aorta to the rest of the body
2.Leading cause of death in the US
3.Laws tp protect you when care is given in an emergency situation
4.Situations when you witnessed a sudden collapse
5.When there is a drowning victim, rescue them and perform this action
8.Recovery position used
9.1 1/2 cups of this solution with 1 gallon of water is used to clean up blood spills
10.Recognizing an emergency by something that catches your attention
11.Life threatening condition
13.What to use to prevent disease transmission
16.Number of seconds to look listen and feel for breathing
18.Recognizing an emergency by seeing something that does not seem right
20.Item found in a first aid kit
22.Risk factor for Coronary Heart Disease
23.Heart condition
24.Where to first check an injured conscious adult
25.Reason people give for choosing not to help out in an emergency
28.Carry with two people used to move a conscious not seriously injured person

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