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1 2 3 4 5 6 7    
    9                     10              
  11   12                
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      21     22                         23
24 25               26      
28         29              
  30   31                             32          
33               34         35
        37   38                  
  44       45  
      46     47     48
    49                 50      

6.the side of an isoscoles triangle whose endpoints are the vertices of the base angles
8.exterior angles on alternate sides of the transversal (not on the same parallel line)
9.an arc whose endpoints form an angle over 180 degrees with the center of the circle; written major arc ADB - the extra letter is used to distinguish it from a minor arc; see minor arc
10.two or more coplanar lines that have no points in common or are identical (eg, the same line)
11.arrangement of pixels
14.written π ; the ratio C/D where C is the circumference and D is the diameter of a circle; 3.14159265359
15.a parallelogram with four equilateral sides
17.the area of the lateral surface of a solid
18.the set that satisfies a given condition
20.a form of conditional; if not p, then not q; written ~p implies ~q
21.2 nonstraight and nonzero angles that have a common side in the interior of the angle formed by the noncommon sides
25.a polygonal region of a surface
27.equilateral, equal, exactly the same (size, shape, etc.)
28.a zero-dimensional figure; while usually left undefined, has four main representions - the dot, the node, the location, and the ordered pair of numbers
30.angles between two lines cut by a transversal; see exterior angles
32.the set of points on a plane at a certain distance (radius) from a certain point (center); a polygon with infinite sides
33.the measure of the tilt of a line; rise over run (i.e., how much the line moves up for every movement to the right).
34.a quadrilateral that has two distinct pairs of consecutive equilateral sides
36.a quotient of 2 numbers
38.a reversed conditional; if a conditional is p implies q, than its converse is q implies p
39.non-coplanar lines that don't intersect
40.an angle whose measure is greater than 90 but less than 180 degrees; see acute angle
41.a two-dimensional group of points that goes on infinitely in all directions; made up of infinite lines
43.the line containing the vertex of a conic solid and the center of the base
44.the surface of a conic solid whose base is a circle; see right cone
46.a figure is concave if a line segment can be drawn so that it goes in, out, then back into the figure.
49.the surface of a cylindric solid whose base is a circle;
50.a tesselation of congruent squares sometimes used to measure distance
51.2 supplementary adjacent angles whose noncommon sides form a line
52.the segment whose endpoints are any point on a circle or sphere and its center; the length of that segment
1.the value of a number; its distance from the origin
2.unit used to measure angles
3.a plane in which every point is identified with exactly 1 number and vice versa; a two-dimensional graph
4.- a coordinate plane
7.the amount of space taken up in a plane by a figure
8.one of the two rays forming an angle
10.a quadrilateral with both pairs of opposite sides parallel
12.important mathematical statements which can be proven by postulates, definitions, and/or previously proved theorems
13.the segment whose endpoints are points on a circle (or sphere) that contains the center of the circle as its midpoint; the length of that segment
16.a ten-sided polygon
19.within the same plane
22.an angle whose measure is greater than 0 but less than 90 degrees; see obtuse angle
23.a set of points
24.the 'if' part of a conditional; represented by p; aka hypothesis, given, prob
26.in the same line
29.the perimeter of a circle
31.a covering of a plane with congruent copies of the same region with no holes or overlaps
32.a segment whose endpoints are on a circle
33.the union of the surface and the region of space enclosed by a 3-D figure; examples: conic solid, cylindric solid, rectangular solid
35.a two-dimensional object that has no endpoints and continues on forever in a plane; formed of infinite points
37.he union of 2 rays that have the same endpoint; measured in degrees or radians (trig.); the five types of angles are zero, acute, right, obtuse, and straight
38.a drawing tool used to draw circles at different radii
39.an arc whose central angle is a right angle
40.the two numbers that (called coordinates) are used to identify a point in a plane; written (x, y)
42.a number that identifies (or helps to identify) a point on a number line (or on a plane, or in space)
47.the point that all points in the circle are equidistant from
48.a segment that helps to make up a face

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