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Ch.14 Teamwork and Leadership

Yazmin Susan

1 2
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9                           10                

3.a group of people from two or more departments working together to reach a common business goal
4.motivating others to work toward a goal
7.setting goals, assigning roles, and communicating regularly within the team
9.a process to keep formal meetings running smoothly
11.responsible for choosing one's own methods of reaching one's goals
12.act or work with another or others
13.a group of people from one department working together to reach a common business goal
1.a theory of management based on continually improving product quality and customer satisfaction
2.a team member who coordinates the tasks so that the team works efficiently
5.explain or tell the meaning of
6.how you behave when you are in charge of other people
8.the power to influence or command thought, opinion, or behavior
10.a series of actions or operations leading to an end

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