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Justice and Law

Fashawna Peoples

Chapter 3

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1.The type of justice that looks to the greatest good for all as the end.
5.The component of justice that concerns the determination and methods of punishment.
6.A vengeance-oriented justice concerned with equal retaliation
7.The component of justice that concerns the steps takento reach a determination of guilt, punishment, or other conclusion of law.
8.Voluntarily breaking established law based on one's moral beliefs.
9.A form of justice that allows compensation; the harm can be repaired by payment or atonement.
10.The quality of being impartial, fair, and just; from the Latin "jus" concerning rules or law.
11.Ancient right based on church power; allowed a person respite from punishment as long as he or she was within the confines of church grounds.
12.Jeremy Bentham's rationale for calculating the potential rewards of a crime so the amount of threatened pain could be set to deter people from commiting that crime.
2.Concerns just deserts-in other words, the appropraite amount of punishment for a crime.
3.An approach to corrective justice that focuses on meeting the needs of all concerned.
4.Constitutionally mandated procedural steps designed to eliminate error in any govermental deprivation of protected liberty, life, or property.

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