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Ethical Professional

Fashawna Peoples

Chapter 4


5.Paper-and-pencil tests that measure an individual's ability to recognize and/or agree with moral terms.
6.Learning theory concepts that people learn behaviors, values, and attitudes through relationships; they indentify with another person and want to be like that person and pattern themselves after the "model".
7.The condition in which a worker has abandoned the mission of the organization and is just "going through the motions".
8.Approaches to behavior proposing that individuals have normal growth phases in areas such as morality ans emotional maturity.
1.The view that moral development is hierarchical; each higher developmental stage is described as moving away from pure egoism toward altruism.
2.Psychological term referring to the discomfort that is created when behavior and attitude or belief are inconsistant.
3.Individual, usually employees, who find it impossible to live with knowledge of corruption or illegality within a goverment or organization and expose it, usually creating a scandal.
4.Individual's feelings of competence and confidence in their own abilities and power, developed by comparing self to others.

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