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Money&Banking Terms #1

N. Warren-Swan

The first phase of learning new terms with a flair.

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1.The payment history of an account over a specific period of time, including the number of times the account was past due or over limit.
3.A type of bank deposit, such as a chequing account deposit, from which account holders can withdraw money at any time they want, on demand.
5.A pledge of property as a guarantee that the loaned money gives plus interest will be repaid; it gives the bank the right to take the property if the borrower does not pay as agreed.
10.Money that banks pay depositors for the use of their funds.
11.An arrangement in which bank customers can borrow a certain amount of money from the bank immediately.
12.Trading goods and services directly for other goods and services.
2.The form of money used when writing cheques.
4.A sum of money placed in a bank account.
6.A deposit typically left in the bank for months or years.
7.Anything accepted as a medium of exchange that acts as a standard of value and a store of value.
8.Government-issued paper money and coins legally ordered to be accepted as payment of debt.
9.The act of taking money out of a bank account.

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