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Money& Banking Terms 4

N. Warren-Swan

Banking Terms that individuals should be familiar with.

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1.An account owned by two or more persons. either party can conduct transactions separately or together as set forth in the deposit account contract.
5.: A summary of all transactions that occurred over the preceding month and could be associated with a deposit account or a credit card account.
10.The person or organization to whom a cheque, draft, or note is made payable.
11.To write a cheque for an amount that exceeds the amount on deposit in the account.
12.A charge assessed by a depository institution for processing transactions and maintaining accounts.
13.An open-end credit account in which the assigned dollar limit has been exceeded.
2.When the amount of money withdrawn from a bank account is greater than the amount actually available in the account, the excess is known as an overdraft, and the account is said to be overdrawn.
3.A cheque written by a depositor that has not yet been presented for payment to or paid by the depositor's bank.
4.An individual or financial institution that lends money with the expectation that the money will be returned with interest.
6.A card signed by each depositor and customer of a bank which may be used as a means of identification. the signature card represents a contract between the bank and the depositor.
7.An order not to pay a cheque that has been issued but not yet cashed. if requested soon enough, the cheque will not be debited from the payer's account. most banks charge a fee for this service.
8.: The fee charged for delinquent payment on an installment loan, usually expressed as a percentage of the loan balance or payment. also, a penalty imposed by a card issuer against a cardholder's account for failing to make minimum payments.
9.: Legal claim against a property. once the property is sold, the lien holder is then paid the amount that is owed.

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