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Police Role in Society

Fashawna Peoples

Chapter 5

2         3 4

2.The authority to use physical coercion to overcome the will of the individual.
6.Unquestionable entitlement to be obeyed that comes from fulfilling a specific role.
9.Required behavior or action i.e., the responsibilities attached to a specific role.
10.Th epractice of officers to not come forward when they are aware of the ethical transgression of other officers.
11.The enforcement approach whereby small violations and ordinances are enforced to the maximum with the expectation that this will reduce more serious crime.
12.The authority to make a decision between teo or more chioces.
1.Another name for the code of silence or the practice of police offiecers to remain silent when fellow officers commit unethical actions.
3.A model of law enforcement that created partnerships with the community and addresses underlying problems rather than simply enforcing the law.
4.Professionals who are paid by the public and whose jobs entail pursuing the public good.
5.The concept developed by Hobbes, Rousseau, and Locke in which the state of nature is a "war of all against all" and, thus, individuals give up their liberty to aggress against others in return for safety.
7.The use of signs, symbols, words, and arguements to induce compliance.
8.The right imherent in a role to use and means to overcome resistance.

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