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Making Ethical Chioces

Fashawna Peoples

Chapter 14

4                   5         6            

3.The concept that a means taken for a good end results in the good end but also in an inevitable but unintended bad result.
4.The law enforcement concept that uses means-end or utilirarian thinking to determine good by the result, which is crime control.
1.The law enforcement principle whereby the values and ethos of law enforcement and justice professionals focus on human rights, including the right to due process, and the fundamental duty of all public servents is to protect those rights.
2.The "deliberate, negligent, or reckless use of force against noncombatants, by state or non-state actors for ideological ends and in the absence of a substantively just legal process.
5.The policing approach that recognizes the police as servants of the public good; although crime control is important, protection of civil liberties is the fundamental mission.
6.Human-made law.

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