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Morality, Ethics and Human Behavior

Fashawna Peoples

Chapter 1

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5.Situations in which it is difficult to make a decision, either because the right course of action is not clear or the right course of action carries some negative consequence.
10.Required behavior or action i.e., the responsibilities attached to a specific role.
11.Moral duties that are not fully explicated or detailed.
1.Exploring issues with one's heart as well as one's mind.
2.Applied priciples of right and wrong relevant to specific occupation or professions.
3.Difficult social questions that include controversy over the "right" thing to do.
4.What people ought to do; defines moral duties.
6.The study of what is right and wrong pertaining to a specific profession or subject.
7.Actions that are commendable but not required in order for a person to be considered moral.
8.The discipline of investigating the meaning of ethical terms, including a critical study of how ethical statements can be verified.
9.Judgements of desirability; worth, or importance.

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