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Computer technology!

Andrew Leibl

The different technologies within the computer world

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2.A keyboard that offers a larger surface area and larger keys. (2 Words)
7.A keyboard that can be adjusted to fit the students' individual needs. (2 Words)
9.When a person reads a book outloud and a recording is made. (2 Words)
10.A single student has a teacher's desired sound grown louder for assistance. (2 Words)
11.Speak the contents of the entire visual display. (2 Words)
12.A device used to help students press the keyboard with more percision. (2 Words)
13.Acrylic or metal covers with holes for each of the keys that are placed atop the computer.
14.A feature that allows students to press keys sequentially to execute functions that typically require pressing the keys simultaneously. (2 Words)
15.A technology that assist students using imput devices controlled by head movements. (3 Words)
1.An amplified desired sound for the student. (2 Words)
3.An approach that recognizes and targets instruction to the varrying abilities found in the same classroom. (2 Words)
4.Makes educated guesses abpout the word being entered, and enables the creation of custom dictionaries. (2 Words)
5.Recieve imput by being touched at relevent points on the monitor screen. (2 Words)
6.Technology that magnifies the entire visual display. (2 Words)
8.Hardward devices and specially designed software created to meet the needs of students with exceptionalities. (2 Words)

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