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lesson six crossword puzzle

Tamira Langham 3rd 2-18-13

2 3                 4
  5         6 7    
11                     12

3.v. to become inactive or motionless
5.n. a threat of harm forcing someone to act against his or her will
11.n. awareness and sympathy for the suffering of another
13.adj. of or for the people; pertaining to government by the people
14.adj. causing grief; sad
1.v. to roll about in something unclean
2.adj. pulled, drawn, or stretched tight
4.n. 1.a seriousness in manner 2.a state of abstinence from drugs or alcohol
6.adj. of lower importance or rank; subject to the control of another
7.adj. lying near; adjoining
8.v. to annoy; to irritate
9.v. to approve formally; to sanction
10.v. to scatter; to distribute
11.n. sincerity; honesty
12.n. a claw of a bird of prey or similar animal

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