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American Education: From Revolution to the Twentieth Century

Enjoli Bell

Module 3: Summary of Chapter 6

2 3 4                        
    6   7
  10   11 12 13        

4.Issued in 1928, documented the intolerable conditions of Native American life and noted that much of their poverty was caused by their loss of land.
5.A voluntary organization sponsoring programs, demonstrations, and lectures for the education and information of it's members.
8.Publicly supported schools that began during the mid-1800s, attended in common by all children
14.Charitable or not-for-profit entities established to receive or distribute funds that can be used to enrich the educational opportunities for students.
16.Met once or twice a year and lasted from several days to 4 weeks, usually in the summer and the main purpose was to provide a brief course in theory and the practice of teaching, with a great emphasis on elevating the moral character of the teacher.
20.Offered education beyond the elementary school.
21.Purpose was to offer reading and writing to children who worked during the week and to provide them with an alternative to roaming the streets on Sunday.
22.A response to population diversity that requires conformity to a single model, which is largely defined by traditional British political, social, cultural, and religious institutions.
23.Academies that provided training for female teachers.
24.Created a number of spelling, grammar, and reading books to replace English texts, an American version of the bible, and what became the world-famous American Dictionary of the English Language.
1.A public secondary school that offers curricula in vocational education, general education, and college preparation.
2.Founding Father who believed that government must be by the consent of the governed and that men were entitled to certain rights that could not be abridged by the government.
3.An intermediate school between elementary school and high school that includes grades 7 and 8 or 7, 8, and 9.
6.One paid teacher instructed hundreds of pupils through the use of student teachers or monitors who were chosen for their academic abilities
7.Segregation sanctioned by law.
9.An educational institution that offers courses for 2 years beyond high school.
10.A measure of clock time associated with a high school course used to award credit toward high school graduation.
11.Taught by women, designed for children ages 4 to 7 who because they were to go to work in a factory at an early age would probably not receive any other schooling.
12.Undergraduate college of liberal arts and sciences, a graduate college and various professional colleges.
13.A tuition fee based on the number of children in the family attending school.
15.Provide the masses with the basic education necessary to ensure a good government, public safety, and happiness.
17.Teacher training institutions
18.The first Black to earn a PhD. from Harvard
19.Led a campaign to organize the schools in Massachusetts into a state system and to establish a state board of education.

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