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Fur Trappers and Traders

Use the clues provided, along with chapter 6 of "A Rendezvous with Colorado History," to locate the missing words in the puzzle.

2     3   4

2.A trap would typically strike the beaver's _____
5.The purpose of a _______ was to trade furs for supplies and socialize
6.The main reason there were Mountain Men in Colorado was because of ____
7._______ Fort was known as the "Crossroads of the West"
8.Beaver fur was popular because people in ____ liked hats made from it
9.In an average year, a Mountain Man might make 1 to 2 _______ dollars
1.The type of life the Mountain Men lived
2.A beaver ________ weighed 1.5 pounds to 2 pounds
3.Kit Carson and Jim Beckwourth were famous_______
4.Mountain Men in Colorado mostly wore clothing made out of this
8.American Indians trapped ____ % of the furs traded in the West
9.average number of years Mountain Men would survive in the Rocky Mountains

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