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  2 3 4 5
6                   7  
10                           11
        12 13                     14   15
        16             17            
          24 25     26
28             29 30 31        
32   33                                 34  
  35                     36
  38                           39                    
40                   41                
42       43                      

6.What is the name of Brandt's new dashboard that is displayed on the website? Hint: Adrienne asked for creativity when determining the name.
10.Environmental ________ Agency
13.We mail a survey to a respondent and it is sent back to us because of a wrong address
17.The state that does not change for daylight savings time
20.number of people unemployed divided by the number of people in the civilian labor force
22.Wood fire ______ are used to produce energy in form type M
23.The capital of Alabama
27.Do not say this when calling for BLS
28.Unemployment benefits to are provided to eligible workers who become unemployed through no ____ of their own
33.The first word in NAICS code 48 is. ex. If the answer is 'educational services' just put educational.
38.improving a building or home's energy efficiency through repairs or upgraded equipment
39.These kinds of shoes are not appropriate
40.An example of an internal practice would be
41.This animal most represents the researchers
43.The name of Mackenzie's cat
44._______ Organic Compound
45.Bill and ______ Brandt
1.In what specific survey that we have done do we call a restaurant in Montana?
2.You can access the TOR in this folder
3.American National Standards ________ certification
4.Thrift stores, antique shops and consignment stores are examples of ______ and retail trade in form type F
5.(850) 577-4900 is the number to the
7.Computer-assisted telephone _______
8.Wind, solar, geothermal and hydro are types of
9._______ Occupational Classification
10.Part time, temporary position
11.The ________ of Massachusetts
12._________ abatement is an example of a green service
14.One way banks can be green.
15.These kinds of pants are appropriate to wear
16."Thank you for calling the Mass Department of _________________"
18.BLS is a _______ survey
19.June 12, 2012
21.Form type c is the _____ smallest form type (ex. first, second third, etc.)
24.Patricke Greene and __________ built the CATI system
25._______ in energy and environmental design
26.Renewable energy generates electricity, heat or fuel from _________, renewable fuel sources
29.State with highest unemployment rate as of Dec 2012, according to BLS.
30.Response ______ Survey
31.Heating, ___________ and air conditioning
32.North American ______ Classification System
34.Green Building ______
35.You will not hear this terminology outside of Brandt
36.We do not call this kind of company in the BLS survey
37.There are ______ different mailers sent out, based on industry
42.The number of digits in an SOC code

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