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Art History II Vocabulary

Caroline Peeters

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1.A representation of an abstract or spiritual meaning through material form.
4.Points on the horizon line that determine the size and placement of objects in a space.
5.Painting on either dry or wet lime plaster.
7.A very young nude child, typically male.
10.Counter positioning of the body about its central axis.
12.Engraving on a layer of wax or on a metal plate.
13.Body parts, clothing or objects associated with a holy figure.
14."Reminder of death"
15.Representation of the Virgin Mary mourning over the body of the dead Christ.
2.All parallel lines converge on one, two or three vanishing points with reference to the eye level of the viewer.
3.To shorten the lines of an object to create the illusion of extension in space.
6.Series or row of columns, often spanned by lintels.
8.Alterpiece made up of more than three panels.
9.Line drawn in reference to the eye level of the viewer.
11.Hemispherical vault.

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