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Intermediate 2 biology revision

Mrs Fingland

1 2
3   4               5
7         8
    9       10    
11               12                
    13 14            
15                       16            
  17   18                      
21                                 22
25           26                  
27               28            

4.i can make my own food
6.the sugar used in respiration
10.I have the power!
11.your soooo amazing, i am not worthy
12.The movement of water
14.4 of them on DNA
15.god my muscles ache
16.when ethanol and petrol get it on!
18.all the species on the planet
19.physical appearence
21.yes i am fit!
24.the earliest stage of life
25.my role is to teach
26.variation from one extreme to another
27.your just the same
28.without it bread and beer would not exist
1.nice pad
2.please don't make my udders any bigger they hurt
3.thank you bacteria, i can now eat cake!
5.we are both equally as cool
7.hey water lets split!
8.can you please store that glucose.
9.plants yuk! give me a quarter pounder .
13.this is where the magic happens
17.watch it captain shes gona blow!
19.a characteristic controlled by many genes
20.on now a rash caused by bacteria, what can i take?
22.i have to eat
23.this ring can be so useful

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