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The Industrial Revolution

IES "Manuel Reina"

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2.Plan or course of action
5.Small group of people who control a country or institution
6.Hard mixture of iron and carbon
7.Set of ideas to understand how societies, economies and political systems work
9.Money paid to a worker for doing their job
12.Help the development of something
14.A _____-_____ party favours greater social and economic equality, as well as the redistribution of wealth
16.Converting the fibres of cotton or wool into thread
18.Residential area in a city or town
21.Person who rents a flat, house, piece of land etc from the person who owns it
24.Take something using force
25.It took place in the late 18th and 19th centuries and was a period of rapid economic, social and technological change
28.Group of peolpe who live together and share their possession
30.A substance such as oil, gas, coal, or wood that produces heat or power when it is burned
31.If it makes money after costs have been paid, then it is ___
32.To use your strength to fight against someone or something
33.To force someone to leave their job
34.Protest by refusing to work
1.People are ____ when they suffer harsh treatment or abuse
3.It generates power with the expansion of steam
8.Part of a town which is the furthest from the centre
9.Making fabric or other material by enterlacing threads
10.A building where goods are manufactured by machines
11.When the work process is divided into different parts, each one is carried out by a different person
13.Solid fuel made by heating coal
15.An area of land surrounded by a fence or wall
17.Working-class people without a property
19.Basic substance from which a product is made
20.Being without work
22.Social group of people who work in industrial or manual job
23.Person who works for a daily wage
26.Person who pratices the law
27.Disseminate or expand
29.System or collection of interconnected parts

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