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Elijah of buxton word search

Maher, Moiz, Maisam, Abdullah

1 2 3
    4 5              
8           9       10
14 15               16 17          
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4.Elijah is good at _______ rocks.
6.The name of the settlement Elijah lives in.
7.The person in charge of the carnival.
8.A former slave.
11.Elijahs mom always call him _______.
12.Elijahs mom is afraid of _______.
13.A women the works at the carnival that is good at sling shooting.
15.The "wisest" man in the settlement.
17.Elijah saw a _______ that got him upset.
20.Elijah is the first _______ in buxton.
21.The color of the gun the preacher had.
23.Elijah found a _______ in his front yard.
24.Elijahs best friend
1.A young boy that work for the Conjurer.
2.A hard working man trying to earn money to free his family from slavery.
3.A very clever man that Elijah threw up on as a baby.
5.A wierd Characterized snake that the preacher told Elijah and Cotter about.
9.The preacher take elijah with him to a _______.
10._______ of Buxton.
14.Elijah used _______ to throw in the race against Madame Sabbar.
15.The preacher claimed he found a _______.
16.Elijahs teacher.
18.Elijahs mom calls him _______ fragile.
19.Buxton is in _______.
22.Elijah was _______ years old when the preacher found the pistols.

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