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Trojan War


1 2 3
4       5
6           7        
9       10   11          
    12   13            
17   18               19
    20     21    

6.Thought they won the war
7.Father of Hector
9.Gates of Troy
11.Spot where Achilles is NOT protected
12.King of Mycenae
15.Attacked Troy while they slept
16.Chief among brave men and counsel; son of Thetis
17.Sea God
20.Asked his body be returned to his parents
1.A gold one left for the fairest
2.Left Sparta for Troy; Daughter of Zeus and Leda
3.Made a new suit and weapons for Achilles
4.Made as a peace offering for the Gods
5.Friend of Achilles; Killed by Hector
8.Trade war for economic control of the waters leading into ___
10.Promised glory and wisdom at war
13.Offered the most beautiful woman in the world; Love Goddess
14.A suppliament
18.Said he was no longer a Greek
19.Guest of Menelaus; Judge of the Olympian beauty contest
20.Promised kingly power
21.Amount of years spent at war

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