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Airport Terminology

Jason Sears

Names of areas of an airport

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1.This area refers to the section of the airport dedicated to passengers who are arriving on a flight.
4.These 'roads' link the ramp area with the runway.
5.Short stay, Long stay and Drop-off are all examples of what facility?
8.This refers to any part of an airport BEFORE a security checkpoint.
9.Also called 'fingers', 'jettys' or 'jetways' these covered tunnels link the aircraft to the airport.
11.The place where aircraft take off from and land on.
12.Before exiting the Arrivals Hall all passengers will walk through this area. (3 Words)
1.This refers to any part of an airport AFTER a security checkpoint.
2.Staff here ensure that aircraft fly safely. (3 Words)
3.This word refers to the actual airport building.
6.This area refers to the section of the airport dedicated to passengers leaving on a flight.
7.This is the first place that arriving passengers will have to go after getting off the aircraft. They will have to show their passports here.
10.This word describes the tarmac covered area where aircraft park.

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