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Sarah and Tim

June 1 2013

  2 3
4                       5   6      
  7         8          
12       13     14    
          18   19  
23                         24
  26             27
    28               29  
30         31            

4.The place Sarah and Tim first visited out of province together.
7.The name of Sarah and Tim's canoe- after the singer who sung "If You Could Read My Mind"
8.The city that Tim and Sarah flew into on their first out of country trip together
9.The place where Tim first introduced Sarah to his mom as his girlfriend
10.Sarah and Tim rented musical instruments for fun from Long and McQuaid. One of these instruments was a _________. (Hint: wind family)
13.The holiday on which Tim proposed
17.The adventure race Sarah and Tim did together while in high school
18.Sarah's middle name
21.The age difference between Sarah and Tim, in years
22.Sarah and Tim's first date sport of choice
23.The name of the elementary school Tim and Sarah went to
25.The type of Master's Sarah has
26.The name of the street Sarah and Tim's house is on
28.The university Sarah did her first undergraduate degree at
30.Colour of Sarah's eyes
31.The form of printmaking used for the wedding invitations
32.Tim's Dad's first name
1.Tim's nephew's name
2.Sarah's favourite book. Hint: "It is a truth universally acknowledge that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife"
3.Tim's neice's name
5.The name of Sarah and Tim's dog
6.Band that sings Sara and Tim's song "Fools in the Rain"
11.The university Tim studied at
12.The name of the company Tim works for
14.The number of siblings Tim has
15.Tim's middle name
16.The name of Sarah's Dad's restaurant
19.The number of siblings Sarah has
20.Sarah's Mom real first name
24.The name of the school Tim's Mom teaches at
26.The number of snakes Sarah's family owns
27.The musical instrument Tim owns the most of
29.Colour of Tim's eyes

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