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Plastic Planet


After reading the article, answer the following questions. Two or more word answers have a space between them. Watch for spelling!

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7       8          

2.The phrase used to encourage people to clean up their act (three words)
7.More than ____ the plastic and garbage does not go to landfills or is properly disposed of
8.Another word for poison
10.The scientists believe in the theory that garbage _____ garbage
12.The responsibility should be on the ___________ of the products according to the article
13.Plastics pose other problems than just garbage, most of them are __________ to life
1.Saving people tax money, the idea of _______ ________ __________ has been developed to do more research on this problem (three words)
3.To become tied up in something
4.Another problem is large floating pieces of garbage can be used to _________ wildlife to other areas where they are not from
5.Scientists who study the earth and environment
6.Focus should be on the _______ most dangerous and problem causing plastic first
9.________ is a way to get rid of the garbage, but it causes other types of pollution
11.Another word for all over, full of, everywhere

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