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Periodic Table Work

Coach Trawick

Use in addition to the study guide to get ready for the test on Feb 27 and 28, 2013

1 2 3
  4           5            
6       7       8     9              
    14 15   16                
17               18 19 20            
        23             24
25                         26     27 28    
  30       31
      32     33       34
35   36       37                
    38         39   40        
41             42              

4.group 1 ..... 1 valence electrons
6.can never be changed...... indicates the number of atoms in a compound.....written in very small writing
9.chlorine is a member of the __________ (family name)
11.the right side of the periodic table contains these
12.a column
13.Name KCl
16.the left side of a chemical reaction
17.this element has a mass number of 12
20.NO2 with a -1 charge as a polyatomic ion
21.these are used to name covalent compounds
22.another word for metalloids..... refers to thier ability to sometimes conduct electricity
23.sharing electrons in this type of bond
25.this group is located in the middle of the periodic table and can have multiple charges
28.hydrogen has ____ valence electrons
29.always treat hydrogen as a __________(its is an exception to being placed on the left side of the periodic table)
33.argon has ____valence electrons
36.a compound that has 3 or more elements
39.the left side of the periodic table contains these
41.a compound that has 2 elements
42.prefix for 2
43.prefix for 6
1.loses electrons and becomes positive
2.group 2.... 2 valence electrons
3.U is the abbreviation for
5.touches the stairstep
6.SO4 with a -2 charge as a polyatomic ion
7.name CO2
8.the flourine on the periodic table has _____ neutrons
10.this element has 8 protons
14.these can be changed to balance chemical equations
15.this groupd has 7 valence electrons
18.using a picket fence and mole to mole rations to predict amounts of reactants and products
19.a row
24.prefix for 4
25.W is the abbreviation for
26.NH4 with a +1 charge as a polyatomic ion
27.outer shell electrons
30.the right side of a chemical reaction
31.an equals in a chemical reaction
32.transfer of electrons in this type of bond
34.the number of valence electrons for aluminum
35.gases in group 18
37.gains electrons and becomes negative
38.this element can have either a +2 or a +3 charge and rusts when exposed to water
39.an amout of matter that is quantative (coefficients in balanced equations)
40.the number of valence electrons for calcium

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