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topic 4,5,6 review

michaela fayant

hope you like my cross word puzzle by meeeeee

1 2
3     4   5         6 7          
    11       12
14 15 16    
17                       18

3.the ___________ is how hot or cold somthing is
7.we need this to have electricity
8.a type of solid
10.heat transfered from the collision of particles
13.gas to liquid
17.gas to solid
19.this tells the temperature
20.when something changes its called ______ __ _____ (there is no spaces in the answer)
1.solid to liquid
2.liquid changing state to solid
4.everything is made of this
5.this is seen through gas
6.liquid to gas
9.solid to gas
11.liquid to solid
12.a solid gets bigger
14.solid changes state to liquid
15.a type of gas
16._____ is made of particles
18.a type of liquid

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