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IEP 0840 Unit 2 GAV


This puzzle is based on the vocabulary list for unit 2. Some of the words may not be the exact same words as on the list, so read the clues carefully!

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4.This adjective means unfairly favoring one person, group, or set of ideas over another. Its opposite is 'impartial'.
5.This noun refers to information about a group, especially one that inhabits a particular geographical region.
6.One sense of this noun is, "advice or opinions that someone can use to make a decision". Another sense of this noun is, "any piece of information, regardless of source".
7.The adjective means, 'not showing or proving that something is true'.
8.This is the singular form of a noun that means norms, standards or measures that a person can use to make a decision or a judgment.
13.The verb means, "to get or bring something back". Give the adjective form.
14.This adjective is related to living bodies. The noun is "the scientific study of living bodies." Give the noun form.
15.Companies do this (verb) to let people know about their product or service.
17.This adjective means continuing for a long time. Give the verb form.
18.As an adjective, this word means conscious of or alert to
1.This word looks the same as a noun and as a verb. As a verb, it means to push or encourage (someone to do something).
2.This adverb means 'a lot' or 'significantly'.
3.This noun means, 'a facet, aspect, or side' of something (of an issue).
7.This adjective means not perceivable through touch, sight, or hearing. Its opposite is 'concrete'.
9.If you suddenly decide to buy a car or make a trip without any advance planning and without considering any consequences of your purchase, or your absence, you are probably (this word). It's an adjective.
10.This adjective means, 'against', "opposed" or 'filled with dislike for".
11.This noun refers to a set of ideas, rules, or beliefs that provide structure to something (a theory, a plan).
12.The verb form means, to represent information falsely, to twist the facts. Give the noun form.
14.This is the plural form of a noun that means "something complex that happens or exists in society, or in nature".
16.The noun and verb forms of this word look the same. It means something you are tryng to achieve or something or someone you are trying to reach with a particular message or offer.

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