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Chapter 6 Vocabulary

Pathania, Anya

Science 8H Per. 2

1 2 3
      8                 9

4.A representation of a substance using symbols for its constituent elements
5.An ion that is made up of many atoms
6.A bond where two electron pairs are shared between two atoms
8.The smallest unit of a compound
10.The degree to which a specified element or compound conducts electricity or heat
11.A bond between two nonmetals
12.A number printed below the symbol, used to show the quantity of atoms of that element
1.A diagram used to show an atom's valence electrons
2.The number of electrons in the outer most (highest) energy level
3.An attraction between a metal and a nonmetal
4.The force of attraction that holds two atoms together
5.When electrons aren't shared equally between two atoms in a bond
7.A bond between two metals
9.Repeating patterns of ionic compounds formed in an orderly 3-D arrangement

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