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Medieval period


Review for test

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2.Working class, merchants and craftsmen
4.Supreme overlord and landowner general
5.Murdered by Henry II's knights while praying at the altar
8.A knight's service to God, his lord, and his lady
9.Determined the life of the peasantry
11.Concerned itself with every act of every man regardless of social class
14.all those who sold goods in the town
17.1066 A.D. William the Conqueror defeated Harold at Battle of Hastings
18.complete devotion to a lady, married or not, without complaint
19.A long, dangerous journey
20.lived with master craftsman and received a salary
21.Oval arena surrounded by two rows of seats
1.several knights on horseback fighting with swords
3.What happens is the opposite of what is expected to happen
6.rules and social codes that governed the upper class
7.The most pure of knights who finds the Holy Grail
8.The audience knows something a character doesn't know
10.three taps with the flat side of the sword
12.Lived and trained with a master craftsman for 7 years without pay
13.Social class of the king, knights, barons, and land owners
15.enforced rules in tournaments
16.Gifts from the patron knight to the new knight and from the new knight to his inferiors

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