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Suffix -ic

Afternoon Class 02/21/2013

1 2
3 4    
5     6    
9             10                  
    11   12  
13     14           15      
  18   19              

7.The ___ accident resulted in three deaths.
9.The ___ bus driver shielded the students from the shooter.
10.The government has done ___ experiments for cloning.
13.I'm ___ to nuts, so I can't have any.
16.The con artist was very ___ in stealing millions.
19.We had a ___ dinner by candlelight.
20.The collapse of the Berlin Wall is an ___ event.
21.I have collected many ___ books, and they're worth a lot.
22.We went on a ___ walk in the national park.
23.The Sandy Hook shooting was ___.
1.The 4-D movie was very ___; I felt the rain and wind!
2.I ___ drive in traffic during my work commute.
3.The ___ helped the patient.
4.The soda had a ___ taste.
5.Wars, natural disasters and diseases are a few ___.
6.I enjoy watching ___ in the Olympics.
8.Actors in soap operas are overly ___.
11.The Statue of Liberty is ___.
12.The ___ eruption sent an ash cloud into the sky.
14.Obama has an ___ plan to add more jobs.
15.This hybrid vehicle is ___ and gas-powered.
17.She has an ___ voice that soothes me to sleep.
18.I feel so ___ because I didn't get any sleep last night.

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