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Tic Tac Toe Social Studies

Jayden Milton

2                         3  
4         5      

2.First ten admandments to the Consitution ratified in 1791
4.organized refusal to buy goods
6.power of the president to reject a bill passed by congress
7.Revolt of massachusetts farmers against high state taxes led by Daniel Shays
8.Law passed by parliment in the early 1770s stating that only the east india company a british,could sell tea to the 13 colonies
9.Person chosen to represent others
10.protest against british taxes in which the Sons Of Liberty boarded Britsh ships and dumped tea into Bosten Harbor
1.Groups of American women Patriots who wove cloth to replace boycotted Britsh goods
3.Groups of patriots who worked to oppose british rule before the American Revolution
5.Laws passed by parliment in 1667that taxed goods imported by the 13 colonies from britan

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