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9.04 Vocabulary

Priscilla Clark

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3.Online storage that enables users to upload, store, and access their files via the Internet; users’ files are maintained by a third-party at a remote database storage facility
5.A marketing function that involves gathering, accessing, synthesizing, evaluating, and disseminating information to aid in business decisions. Organized attempt by a business to gather information to make better decisions about marketing issues, strategies, & problems.
9.An internal network similar to the Internet that is accessible only by authorized personnel; used to access information and communicate with others within an organization.
10.Marketing data that are gathered informally from internal and external sources; may or may not relate to any current issue or project
1.Text files that are put on a web-site visitor’s hard disk and then later retrieved during subsequent visits to the site in order to track Internet behavior.
2.An organized way of continuously gathering, sorting, analyzing, evaluating, and distributing marketing information.
4.Situation that occurs when an economic want exists and there is an idea for a good or service to fulfill that want; a good or service that people are willing and able to buy.
6.A record of customers and the product(s) that they requested, along with records of complaints made by customers
7.Data available from inside and outside the business that have been processed and organized so that they can be used to create, communicate, and deliver value to customers and for managing customer relations in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders; data collected from internal sources, external sources or marketing research
8.A prediction of future sales over a specific period of time.

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