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9.06 Vocabulary

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1.A statement of the expected outcomes of a research project; a proposed explanation for something
5.Facts collected specifically for the problem or project at hand.
7.Facts and figures available in locations outside the company.
9.A quantitative measure of the average number of times a target consumer is exposed to an advertising message.
11.A marketing-research method that involves asking consumers questions in order to learn their opinions and the reasons behind those opinions.
12.Forecasting methods based on expert opinion and personal experience.
19.The entity or element that is being studied in market research (e.g., individual, household, etc.)
23.Surveying individuals via e-mail or Internet web sites to obtain research data
25.A master plan detailing how research will be carried out; identifies types of data needed, how much data to collect, where to find the data, what data-collection methods to use, and how data will be analyzed
26.Exploratory research conducted with the purpose of providing a more complete understanding of the problem and the total business environment in which it exists
27.An approximate judgment or calculation. An approximation of data; an “educated guess”
28.A qualitative sales forecasting method that gathers opinions from company executives and from outside experts such as university professors, consultants, or industry analysts.
29.Marketing Information developed from data that have already been collected by others
30.Marketing research that collects information to help the business define its issue, situation, or concern and decide how to proceed to address it
31.A marketing-research method that tests cause and effect by test marketing new products or comparing test groups with control groups. A marketing research that gathers specific information related to the identified issue, situation or concern.
32.A qualitative sales forecasting method that gathers information about consumers' plans to purchase.
2.Measures of different aspects of society based on the experience and research of Geert Hofstede
3.Marketing research that focuses on cause and effect and tests "what if?" theories. Also known as conclusive research.
4.Giving the same results every time.
5.An early sample or model of a product
6.Based on fact; relevant. Measuring what the researcher intends to measure.
8.The types of information studied in a marketing-research project (e.g., brand awareness, customer satisfaction, etc.); also known as constructs
10.Something that actually exists; reality; truth, a true statement.
13.Facts and figures located inside the company.
14.Facts and figures that have been collected for purposes other than the project at hand.
15.Marketing research used to help the business forecast future business developments.
16.Activities involved in gathering information and creating goods and/or services based on that information.
17.Marketing research that gathers specific information related to the identified issue, situation, or concern.
20.A formal statement of what a marketing-research study will achieve.
21.Facts and figures based on opinion and personal interpretations.
22.Marketing information developed from data that are collected for use in one particular situation
24.a forecast of something to happen

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