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Ralph Fael P. Lucas

Facts about Astronomy

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4.The tail of a comet
5.The ___________ field is the natural protection of earth from a solar wind
7.The hottest planet
8.Total solar eclipse
11.The earth's natural satellite
12.Emits light and heat
14.Turning to its axis
16.Also called the red planet
19.Inner planets are also known as ____________ planets.
20.Meteor that hits the ground
23.Scientist referred the location of the earth as _____________ zone
25.The light particle
26.Small rocks and iron in space
28.The tallest mountain in the solar system (3 Words)
29.The largest volcano in the solar system (3 Words)
32.Big rocks in space. also called planetoid
33.The shadow of the moon on earth
34.Denoted to be a planet labelled as a dwarf planet
35.A layer that gives color to the sun
38.Pale blue planet with methane gas
40.A gradual transformation of species
41.The orbital pattern of the planets in our solar system
45.The biggest planet with a great red spot
46.The farthest distance of an object in its orbit to the sun
47.First earth's artificial satellite (2 Words)
48.First man who stepped on the moon
1.First man in space
2.The rotation of venus
3.The dark areas of the sun
5.Our Galaxy (2 Words)
6.Ice and dust
9.Gases that covered the planet venus
10.The farthest planet
13.The zone in which the photon reduces its radiation
15.The study of heavenly bodies
17.People who go to space
18.Father of modern astronomy (2 Words)
21.Also called orbit
22.A layer that gives light to the sun
24.The color of mars
27.The only planet in the solar system that can harbor life
30.Planet with 65 feet thick rings
31.Heavily cratered planet in the solar system
35.The zone in which the exit point of the photon
36.Does not emit light and heat
37.The death of the last individual of a species
39.First monkey in space (2 Words)
42.The rise and fall of the water level on earth's surface
43.First dog in space
44.The center of our solar system

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