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J. Dollar

1 2
5                 6        
8 9           10      
        12 13  
        14                 15
16                         17        
  19   20    

3.An instrument used to measure temperature.
5.Instrument used to measure air speed.
6.Rain that freezes as it falls.
7.Scientists who study the weather.
9.Thin, whispy clouds that form high in the atmosphere.
10.The precipitation that forms when water droplets get to heavy to float in the clouds.
14.Instrument used to measure wind speed.
16.The process by which a gas changes into a liquid.
17.The type of matter that has it's own shape and whose molecules are close together.
18.The kind of matter that takes the shape of its container and whose molecules move the most independently.
20.Stratus type clouds that form near the ground.
21.Layered, horizontal clouds that form low in the atmosphere.
22.Fronts that form when a warm air mass meets and slowly rides up over a colder air mass.
1.Fronts tha form when cold and warm fronts stop moving.
2.The formof precipitation that starts out as rain that freezes and gets bigger and bigger before it falls to the ground.
4.Instrument used to measure wind direction.
8.Fronts that form when a cold air mass bumps up against a warm air mass.
9.The puffy clouds that indicate fair weather.
11.The type of matter that takes the shape of the container and whose molecules can vibrate and mve more freely than that of solids.
12.The process by which a liquid changes into a gas.
13.Places where different air masses meet.
15.An instrument used to measure rainfall.
19.Precipitation measured by a ruler.

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