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At the airport

1 2
    5             6         7
      10               11
    12             13            
15                         16
    18 19                      

3.Your baby’s nappy needs to be changed. Where can you do that?
5.To get your suitcase when you have just arrived you go to the … ?
8.What do you call the sign telling you that here you can catch a train?
9.To drink some water you go to the …. ?
10.You are on the first floor and need to reach the toilets on the second floor. What can you use?
12.You still have time before your check in opens and want to go around without your heavy suitcase. Where can you leave it?
15.Here, your airplane leaves.
19.You want to smoke a cigarette. You can do that in the … ?
20.You better don’t park your car here if you see this sign!
21.You have hurt yourself. Where do you go?
22.You don’t know where to go to pick up your luggage. Where can you ask?
1.Your documents are checked at the … ?
2.Your grandmother sits in a wheelchair. Where do you bring her if she needs to go to the toilet?
4.In an area where you can use free internet with your laptop or mobile phone your see a … sign.
6.You need foreign money. Where do you get it?
7.Before you enter the airport and wait for your flight you need to leave your luggage at the … ?
11.Where can you buy a present for your loved ones?
13.You have lost your umbrella. Where do you go?
14.You are so hungry! Where can you eat something?
16.Where can you leave your car?
17.In this area you are not allowed to smoke. What is the sign called?
18.You don’t have an own car to leave the airport so you go to the … ?

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