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Chapter 5--Old Age and Dying

Dr. Reimer

This test compliments Chapter 5

7                   8         9    

2.Decreases in mental abilities experienced by some people in old age (2 Words)
4.The desire, in middle age, to use one’s accumulated wisdom to guide future generations
5.facility that is designed to care for the special needs of the dying
6.The study of dying and death
7.A condition that destroys a person’s ability to think, remember, relate to others, and care for himself or herself. (2 Words)
1.Idea that progressive mental and physical decline are inevitable with age (4 Words)
3.The Biological event in which a woman’s production of sex hormones is sharply reduced
8.discontinuation of development and a desire to recapture the past
9.Prejudice or discrimination against the elderly

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