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Living and Non Living Things


use the clues to fill in each word.

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1.Human beings and animals inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Plants use the carbon dioxide that we let out to make food.
6.Everything around you that you can see, feel, hear, smell and touch.
7.All humans animals and plants are_______
11.Human beings and some animals do this by having live babies. They are live breeders. Some animals lay eggs they are egg layers
2.Sensitivity is what makes living things react or respond to changes in that surrounding environment. They react to light, sound, touch, heat and cold.
3.Humans pass out sweat, urine and feaces as waste. Plants excrete gum and oxygen.
4.This is a non living thing that is found in pipes, rivers and seas.
5.Things that do not display the characteristics of life.
8.Humans and animals ______from place to place.
9.The use of _________ to give us energy
10.The increasing in size, develop and change. Only people, plants and animals can do this and change on their own.

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