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The Vietnam War

Mr O'Neill

Topic 5: Australia and the Vietnam War

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3.liberal-minded people from the 1960s who did not support the war
5.organisation called, 'Save Our Sons' (abbreviation)
7.persuasive arguments used to make people think a certain way
8.chemcial agent used to clear jungles
10.soviet superpower
11.political system which promotes free enterprise
12.political system in which the state controls all property & assets
17.policy adopted by Menzies in which troops were sent overseas
18.South East Asia Treaty Organisation
19.what Russia & China went through to become communist states
21.the act of spying
22.returned servicemen's league
23.capitalist superpower
25.theory which stated if one SE Asian country fell to commnuism, the rest would follow
26.Australia, New Zealand, United States - mutual defence treaty
27.derogatory term given to our Asian neighboours who posed a threat
1.people forced to leave their homes because of war, famine & disaster
2.Theatre of war fought from 1950-53
4.period of aggression between the USSR & the USA
6.US policy supported by the Australian government
9.nickname for conscripts
13.marches designed to stop the war in Vietnam
14.rule by one person who has absolute power
15.Liberal PM from 1949-66
16.type of war fought in the jungles of Vietnam
20.communist sympathisers who operated in South Vietnam
24.Diplomat granted asylum by Menzies in 1954
28.'All the way with ...." American president who visited Australia

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