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The California Gold Rush

Mrs. Pearlman

1 2 3 4 5
6                   7  
12           13                    
14         15                    
16             17  
19   20                
  21           22      
23               24

6.Who was California's first millionaire?
8.Why can gold easily be made into differeent shapes?
10.What type of mining stripped off the land using high powered water hoses?
12.Why is gold valuable?
13.When you drive six in the hand, you are driving a ?
14.MIners would pound stakes in the ground to mark their?
15.A straw hat from Panama?
16.Sitting next to the driver on a stagecoach?
20.How did people across America learn about the discovery of gold?
21.What type of mining used a shaft and a canary?
22.What was the name of the President in 1848?
23.Who owned the saw mill where gold was discovered?
25.Another name for fool's gold?
27.Biscuits were made with flour and?
28.This fooled many gold miners?
29.Who was the famous tent maker in California?
1.A miner could mine with just a?
2.What commet was seen on Mark Twain's birth and death?
3.In school children dipped their pens in?
4.The first woman to vote in California?
5.Who was an author, a steamboat pilot and a siver miner?
7.Another name for a gold miner?
9.Long delays were expected when traveling through?
11.The type of print used on dresses in the early 1850's.
15.What month was gold discovered in California?
17.What was the name of the frog in Mark Twain's story?
18.What was the iron horse?
19.A pot of money is called the?
21.Two to three men could operate a?
24.Where was the first American gold rush?
26.What color were Mark twain's famous suits?

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