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Electricity and Magnetism


1 2 3
  5       6                          
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5.a material, like iron, which has strong magnetic properties.
7.a material that remains magnetic without outside energy being supplied.
9.the unit of electric current.
13.a fundamental property of matter that can be either positive or negative.
14.a complete path through which electric current can flow.
16.object used to turn electricity on and off.
17.the property of creating or responding to forces from magnets.
18.electrical charge that is described using a plus (+) symbol.
20.a material with a high electrical resistance. Plastic and rubber are good insulators.
21.changes the high voltage from the main power lines to the 120 volts your appliances use. (Not in highlighted blue vocab box.)
1.determines how much current flows for a given voltage. Higher resistance means less current flows.
2.using a moving magnet to create electric current or voltage.
3.the unit of electrical potential energy aka voltage.
4.a tiny imbalance between positive and negative charge on an object.
6.the unit of resistance. One ohm (Ω) allows 1 amp to flow when a voltage of 1 volt is applied.
8.a magnet made with wires and electric current.
10.a flow of tiny particles that carries electrical energy in wires and machines. The particles (usually electrons) are typically much smaller than atoms and can flow around and between atoms even in solid matter.
11.a material with a low electrical resistance. Metals such as copper and aluminum are good conductors.
12.the influence created by a magnet that exerts forces on other magnets.
15.electrical charge that is described with a minus (-) symbol.
19.the unit of electrical potential energy.

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