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3.intelligent in a practical way
7.ability to use one's experience and knowledge
9.a person who adapts their behaviour to take advantage of opportunities
11.having a negative outlook
13.careful and orderly
14.thinking too highly of yourself
15.to put something off through laziness
16.a friend/someone who keeps you company
19.showing fondness or tenderness
25.traditional, likes to keep everything the same
26.ready to do favours for others
27.to express with emphasis
28.open-minded, easygoing
29.enjoys spending more money than is needed
30.shallow, to do with the surface of things e.g. his cut was only superficial
1.rules about what you are entitled to
2.a surevy of the population
4.saying one thing but meaning the opposite. Similar to sarcasm
5.opposite of distrustful
6.once a year
8.very unusual
10.someone who wants everything to be perfect
12.opposite of naive
13.very attractive - draws others towards it
17.very unlikely to change their mind
18.inclined to judge and find fault
20.believes own gender etc is superior to others
21.rely on something eg alcohol
22.positive in outlook
23.tasteful in style
24.the health of a person

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