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Craftie Trivia 101


Test your knowledge of island history.

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2.What flower is on Sophia Biddle's headstone?
6.What is the full name of the island?
9.This man left a fortune, estimated at $20 million, when he died in 1848 (3 Words)
11.This duplex was used as housing for the the military officer's and their families at Fort Mackinac. (2 Words)
12.Which indian agent was best known for his efforts to record Native stories and legends in writing? (2 Words)
13.What is the main goal of interpretation?
17.What is the first name of the blacksmith who ran the Benjamin Blacksmith shop for 65 years?
19.What nationality were the first european travelers to the Great Lakes?
21.In 1882 Fort Mackinac soldiers helped build what island church?
22.Who built the fort on Mackinac Island?
23.What is the oldest congregation on the island? (2 Words)
24.What was the most popular product of the fur trade? (2 Words)
25.This addictive substance was frequently prescribed by doctors for female "hysteria"
26.What rebellion took place in 1763 (2 Words)
30.Who is the statue in the middle of the park in front of the fort? (2 Words)
31.What product replaced fur as Mackinac Island's biggest export?
32.This was one way women used up fabric scraps.
33.What is the name of the gift shop in the soldier's barracks?
35.Were cottages first build in Hubbard's Annex before or after the east and west bluffs?
36.Who wrote "The American Frugal Housewife?" (3 Words)
39.What is the minimum number of petticoats you should wear in the kitchen?
43.Who was the general manager of the AFC? (2 Words)
45.Where did Edward Biddle grow up? (2 Words)
48.How many biological children did Edward and Agatha have?
50.What style of architecture is the McGulpin house? (2 Words)
52.This song is sung at nearly every music demonstration
53.What Material began replacing beaver in the hat market?
56.What was Dr. William Beaumont's wife's first name?
57.What sweet treat is the island now famous for?
58.What was Edward Biddle's primary business in the 1820's-30's? (2 Words)
59.Hatter's used this toxic substance in their hat making process
1.Which fort captain ordered that the white buildings surrounding the parade grounds be painted brown?
3.Agatha Biddle was metis, what tribe was her mother from?
4.Who said: "I was born in America, and am determined, at all hazards, to live and die an American Citizen."? (2 Words)
5.What is the medical term for the hole in Alexis St. Martin's stomach? (2 Words)
7.in 1825 what school was build on the island? (2 Words)
8.What is the most popular type of fish found in the Great Lakes?
10.This was one of the first buildings at Fort Mackinac and is one of the oldest public buildings in the state of Michigan. (2 Words)
14.What is the easiest thing to make that best demonstrates the basics of blacksmithing for visitors? (2 Words)
15.What was the most fashionable part of a woman's dress in the 1880's?
16.This building was built in 1887 by railroad companies to bring tourists to the island. (2 Words)
18.Where was the administrative center of Fort Mackinac? (2 Words)
20.What country was John Jacob Astor from?
27.These were worn for modesty and shaping underneath skirts.
28.Who is credited with choosing to move the fort from the mainland to the island in 1780? (2 Words)
29.Who was the sole occupant of Fort Mackinac during the Civil War? (2 Words)
30.How many original buildings are in Fort Mackinac?
34.What is the oldest church building on the island? (2 Words)
37.What was the first sweet sold to tourists? (2 Words)
38.This can be used to bake just about anything! (2 Words)
40.These were worn underneath dresses to shape and support the torso.
41.What type of pantalets allows for easy trips to the restroom?
42.How many children did the McGulpin's have?
44.Who was the store clerk when Alexis St. Martin was shot? (2 Words)
46.What is the best way to preserve herbs from the garden?
47.What treaty ended the War of 1812
49.What was Agatha Biddle's maiden name? (3 Words)
51.This plant makes a wonderful salve for cuts and burns.
54.What was one of the most valuable furs during the fur trade?
55.What did William McGulpin do?

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