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tourism vocabulary

Arce Marcela

a brief crosswords with vocabulary related to tourism in general.

1 2 3
4               5
        6         7
11       12 13              
  15                 16                
23             24            
  27         28

4.a word to refer to penguin´s feathers
6.common name for babay penguin
8.name of the fin on the back of a dolphin
9.words that makes reference to the water movements
10.common sea bird that prey on whale´s fat
13.the action of intetionally come out of the water
15.common name for baby whales plural
16.the opposite of sandbank
17.whale´s tail
19.a way to name animals which eat carrion
21.type of whale you see here
22.geographic name, a large bay that is an arm of an ocean or sea
23.common name for baby sea lion or elephant seal
24.a filter-feeder system inside the mouths of baleen whales
25.ANP located 180 km from Madryn
26.to feed a baby
27.name of the mayor callosity o top of a whale´s head
1.In geography and geology, a ....is a significant vertical, or near vertical, rock exposure.
2.a person or anmal that pick up food
3.predators that fed on almost anything
5.Bird that can not fly lives in Tombo
7.full name of the sea lion
11.predator that feeds on a variety of prey
12.time of the year in which animals mate
14.protuberances on the whale´s head
18.a way to name people who establishes in a place
20.word that means costanera
28.a kind of bird you may see in Punta Loma

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