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Seasoning and Conversion

Paul Godbolt

1 2 3
4         5 6          
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11               12        
        16 17      
19                 20            

4.The most common species of Softwood used in construction
5.The growing layer of the tree
7.This method of conversion produces good figure in hardwoods and stable boards
10.This is about the percentage moisture content for timber in heated buildings
11.Structural construction Softwood
15.The process of removing moisture from timber
17.A fast method of drying timber
19.Readily available Softwood best suited to internal work ( Spruce)
20.This method of conversion is economical, through and -------
22.The timbers placed between seasoning boards
23.These pieces of timber are fixed at the ends of seasoning boards to prevent splitting
24.The centre of a log or tree
1.This defect may be live or dead
2.This is reduced in timber during seasoning
3.Timber defect that makes boards concave
6.These rings are produced yearly
8.The word used to describe the cutting of a log into usable boards
9.Structural Hardwood, high Tannin content, shows 'Silver grain' when quarter sawn
12.These organisms are responsible for dry and wet rot
13.This timber defect is bouncy
14.A slow but inexpensive method of drying timber.
16.The outer protective layer of a tree
18.Readily available good quality Softwood , Scots Pine
19.Very fast timber defect for the next generation
21.European Hardwood used for benches, tools and smoking food / drink flavouring

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